Catherine Magruder

author | speaker | educator


"Catherine is an inspiring instructor.  Time and again her methods bring students out of their shells to become marvelous speakers.  She has an extraordinary way of relating to kids that makes them just love her."

~ Gail Church, Executive Director of Tree Musketeers

"Catherine has a passion and zest for communication and leadership development. She has spearheaded countless initiatives within District ONE to improve the quality of the trainings. Her abilities and easy-going work style make learning fun and enjoyable."

~ Giovanna Dottore, Past District ONE
Governor, Toastmasters International

“I joined Toastmasters in 2005 with the encouragement of Catherine. Her continued support as my mentor has made a difference in my personal and professional life. I am proud to call her my friend.”

~ Danny Chu, Xerox Xeroids
Toastmasters Club Member

“Catherine is a veteran public speaker who has devoted so much of her time and effort to helping others acquire the gift of speaking confidently in front of crowds.  Don't be afraid: try it out!”

~ Uche Akotaobi, Xerox Xeroids
Toastmasters Club Member